Full Review of the Recon Programmable Rover by SmartLab Toys

Recon Rover

What kid does not love robots?  How about a robot you can program to move, talk and record sounds?  The Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover is a new toy robot from SmartLab toys that allows kids to learn and play.  The Rover is completely sell contained – no computer is necessary.  We wanted to learn more about the Recon Rover so we went straight to DadDoes.Com to read the full review of the Recon Rover Toy Robot.

The Recon Rover Makes Learning About Math Fun

Some toys teach.  Some toys are fun.  It is rare to find a toy that teaches and is fun, but this is exactly the case with the Recon Rover.  The Rover teaches children about math, logic and mapping skills.  The great part is, kids are having so much fun sending their Rover on missions, they have no idea they are learning.

Here is a great video review of the Recon Rover from DadDoes.Com .  The video gives a good flavor of how you program and play with the Recon Rover.  It is a little pricey at $69.95, but it does look like a ton of fun!

Monsuno Toys Are Taking The Toy World By Storm

Monsuno toys were just launched in March 2012, but they have already become a very hot toy.  A quick scan on Amazon.Com shows Monsuno toys selling for above retail prices, a sure sign that a frenzy is under way.

What in The World are Monsuno Toys?

Monsuno is new animated series on Nick Toons.  In Monsuno you have good guys, bad guys, the government and Monsuno monsters.  The key element to Monsuno are the cores.  By spinning the cores, the Monsuno monster comes out.  In this sense it is very much like Bakugan or Pokemon.

Monsuno toys are a new line of spinning toys by Jakks Pacific. The Monsuno toys were just released at the Toy Fair 2012.  Here is a video of the monsuno toys that DadDoes.Com shot at the Toy Fair.

Kids will love all the collectible elements to the Monsuno toys.  Parents on the other hand may not love having to buy more and more Monsuno toys for their kids.


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Jakks Pacific Throws a Puffle Party, Brings Club Penguin To Life

You know what Puffles are – don’t you?  If you are a parent, you have no doubt seen the cute little Puffle pets in Club Penguin.  Now, you can bring these puffle pets to life with the Jakks Pacific Plush Puffle Pet series –

Read a Plush Puffle Pet Review

If you are curios on how your kids would like the new Puffle Pets, take a look at the review done by DadDoes.Com .  In the review, Dad Does looks at the Puffle Pet Party Box by Jakks Pacific.  Here is a video review of the Puffle Pet Party Box.

If you have kids who love the virtual world of Club Penguin, they are going to be huge fans of the Puffle Plush Dolls.  The Puffles come in a variety of sizes and styles, so there is certain to be a puffle for everyone.  In addition, each Puffle comes with a token that has a code to unlock content in the Club Penguin Virtual world.

A Full Review of the Nitto Motivo Tires by Xcvbw2

The Nitto Motivo tires are new all season tires by Nitto.  To test out the tires, DadDoes.Com got a chance to test drive the Motivo tires on a Jaguar.  The test had a wet track and a dry track component.

In the Nitto Motivo Tire Review, DadDoes.com found the Motivo tires to be responsive, quiet and fun!  In coming weeks, we will be providing video and photos from the test drive so you can see how the Motivo tires, the INVO tires and NT05 tires from Nitto all performed in the test drives.  If you are looking for an all season tire, the Motivo tires are an excellent way to go.