Monsuno Toys Are Taking The Toy World By Storm

Monsuno toys were just launched in March 2012, but they have already become a very hot toy.  A quick scan on Amazon.Com shows Monsuno toys selling for above retail prices, a sure sign that a frenzy is under way.

What in The World are Monsuno Toys?

Monsuno is new animated series on Nick Toons.  In Monsuno you have good guys, bad guys, the government and Monsuno monsters.  The key element to Monsuno are the cores.  By spinning the cores, the Monsuno monster comes out.  In this sense it is very much like Bakugan or Pokemon.

Monsuno toys are a new line of spinning toys by Jakks Pacific. The Monsuno toys were just released at the Toy Fair 2012.  Here is a video of the monsuno toys that DadDoes.Com shot at the Toy Fair.

Kids will love all the collectible elements to the Monsuno toys.  Parents on the other hand may not love having to buy more and more Monsuno toys for their kids.


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