Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I know, it is still only April, but before you know it, Father’s Day will be here.  Every year I say I am going to get my Dad a really fun Father’s Day gift – but then I run out of time and just get him another tie.  Not this year. I am on a question to find the Ultimate father’s day gift and do it in plenty of time.

Looking for the Best Father’s Day Gift Guides

Like any good quest, I started with Google.  I was most interested in current and father’s day gift guides, so I did a search for Father’s day gift ideas for 2012.  It took a little digging, but I finally found a few gift guides with some great ideas.

The DadDoes.Com Father’s Day Gift Guide

One of my favorite guides was the DadDoes.Com Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.  What I really like was that it was all about fun gifts!  In fact, they say “absolutely no ties allowed!”

I am going to make a purchase for my Dad by May 15th – no kidding around this year, it will be a FUN father’s day!


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New Information on African Mango (IGOB131) Released

African Mango is a very popular ingredient for weight loss.  A small clinical study did show that people who used IGOB131 (more on this in a minute) were able to lose weight without changes to diet or exercise.  While that study was published, the real interest in African Mango and IGOB131 came from Dr. Oz.

What Did Dr Oz Say About African Mango?

Doctor Oz referred to African Mango as the miracle in your medicine cabinet.  On the show, he talked about how African Mango could be used to help you lose 10 pounds.  The only problem, is not all African Mango is the same.

All the clinical studies done African Mango supplements have used IGOB131 – a patented African Mango Seed extract.  For this reason, consumers should look for African Mango supplements that are made with 100% Pure IGOB131.  Here is an African Mango supplement that just contains pure IGOB131 –

Perfect African Mango

You can do your own research, but it looks like the Perfect African Mango is an excellent way to try out African Mango for weight loss.


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Best Toys of 2012 Featured on Dad Blog

It may only be April, but already the toy companies are already trying to get their toys for the 2012 holiday in front of influential people.  The race is on to try to have the hot toy for 2012.  To help consumers sort through the hype, DadDoes.Com – a product review blog, attended Toy Fair 2012 in search of the best toys for 2012.

What Will be The Top Toys for 2012?

Dad Does had the opportunity to see many of the new toys that will come out for Fall 2012.  One major trend is the connection of iPads and iPhone to toys.  More and more toys and games are bringing apps, tablets and phones into the mix.  One of the more interesting toys at Toy Fair was the Nerf Laser Tag game which incorporates your iPhone.  By using your phone, it turns the game into an augmented reality game that kids will love.

The other trends were battling toys.  Everything from Pokemon, Bakugan, Beyblades and Monsuno were on display at the show.  Here is a great video of the monsuno toys.  Not to be out done, here is a video of the new Beyblade XTS Stealth Battlers…

It looks like 2012 will be a big year for toys!