Real Acai Has Real Health Benefits

I’ve heard about the Acai Berry being a super food and I’ve seen it in numerous fruit beverages at the grocery store. I’ve even seen an Acai frozen yogurt and an Acai flavored vodka! Because you can’t buy actual Acai Berries in the supermarket, I assumed that drinking these beverages and eating these foods was the best way to obtain the health benefits that Acai has to offer. BOY WAS I WRONG!


With a little research, I quickly found that most of the Acai products found in the supermarket contain very little actual Acai. Acai beverages will claim to be “Acai Juice” when in reality; these beverages are mostly cheaper juices such as grape or apple mixed with a tiny bit of Acai juice. The Acai in these fruit juices is never fresh, it is usually spray dried and then reconstituted with water. Although this will increase the shelf life of the product, it destroys almost all of the nutrients. The same holds true for Acai food products; they contain little no Acai and the nutrients are almost entirely depleted. Even worse, these products are loaded with unnecessary sugars and artificial ingredients.

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The best way to receive the health benefits of Acai is to take an Acai supplement. But even then, you have to choose the right one. Freeze drying Acai is the only way to process the berry without it losing all of its nutrients. Supplements containing 100% pure freeze dried Acai are the only products that will offer all of the nutrients and health benefits that Acai has to offer.


Another important note: Never buy an Acai supplement containing proprietary blends, fillers, flow agents, caffeine or other artificial ingredients. To get the maximum benefits, buy a supplement that contains Acai and only Acai.


Real Acai promotes healthy weight loss, increases energy and stamina, boosts the immune system, improves the digestive system and reduces the effects of aging. Acai even fights heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.


These are WONDERFUL health benefits and the only way to reap them is by consuming supplements made from 100% pure freeze dried Acai. Keep this in mind next time you are tempted to buy an overpriced Acai drink at the supermarket.



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