My Search for Real World Toy Reviews is Now Over!

As many of you know – I love videos.  There is something about watching a video, that just works for me.  So, when I decided I wanted to find some honest reviews of the best toys, I knew the place to look was YouTube.

Man, There Are Lots of Terrible Toy Reviews on YouTube

What I did not realize was there are thousands of terrible toy reviews on YouTube.  I mean terrible in every sense of the word – production value, content, information, acting – all of it.  I then realized I was in “needle in a haystack mode” – searching for the one or two YouTube channels that were consistently putting out quality toy reviews.  Finally, after hours of searching, I had it…

DadDoesBlog Channel Provides Great Toy Reviews

When I finally found the DadDoesBlog YouTube Channel, I knew all my time spent searching for honest toy review videos was worth it.  Here is a link to their playlist of toy reviews from 2012.  I dare you, click on any video in that Toy review playlist – you will not be able to find a bad one in the bunch, they are all good!

Just to give you a taste, here is a  video review they did for the Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set –

As you see, well produced and filled with useful information.  I am going to subscribe right now…

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