Skylanders Swap Force Video Game Is Coming Fall 2013

It was just announced at a press event in NYC, Skylanders Swap Force is coming in Fall 2013.  Swap Force is the 3rd game in the Skylanders series and it looks pretty incredible.  Here is some video from the Skylanders Swap Force event in NYC on 2/5/13 –

As you can see from the above video, the big selling point is that Swap Force introduces Skylanders Action Figures that can be mixed and match.  Take the legs of Blast Zone and throw on the top of Wash Buckler.  What do you get then? Wash Zone of course!

What is awesome is that the powers change based on how you mix and match.  The legs control how you move in the Skylanders world and the arms (or top half) controls what attacks you have.

It sounds confusing, but read this article on Swap Force and it all starts to make sense.

Swapping is Great, But Graphics are Also HD in Swap Force

The other huge improvement with Skylanders Swap Force?  HD graphics.  Take a look at the above video and you will see graphics in a Skylanders game that you have never seen before.  Clealry a great deal of time went into creating the Swap Force Skylanders world and I can hardly wait to play.


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