Excellent African Mango Reviews Offered in New Video Series

African Mango can be a fast and effective way to lose weight but not all African Mango supplements are created equal. When looking for the ideal African Mango supplement there are three important things to look for. Look for an African Mango Supplement that is made with IGOB131 and not simply African Mango Extract. Try to find an African Mango supplement made with no artificial ingredients. If you can find a product that meets these two requirements, you’ve found a good African Mango supplement. But to find the best African Mango Supplement, you have to find a supplement that lists 100% pure IGOB131 as the ONLY ingredient.

Clinical Research on African Mango

The clinical research that exhibits weight loss and cholesterol improving abilities is linked to the African Mango seed kernel extract known as IGOB131. Because IGOB131 is more expensive than simple African Mango extract, many companies will advertise a product that states “Pure African Mango Extract.” African Mango extract is not the same thing as IGOB131 and will not give you the same results. To get the benefits of African Mango, look for a supplement that contains IGOB131.


Avoid African Mango Supplements with added caffeine, fillers, flow agents, GMOs and other artificial ingredients. These ingredients can cause headaches, jitters and a host of other unwanted side effects.

The best African Mango supplement will contain 100% pure IGOB131 and only IGOB131. This is the clinically proven ingredient used in the studies that demonstrate significant weight loss and cholesterol improving results. If you would like to replicate these results, choose a supplement containing only 100% pure IGOB131.


Watch this informative video on choosing the best African Mango supplement.

New Information on African Mango (IGOB131) Released

African Mango is a very popular ingredient for weight loss.  A small clinical study did show that people who used IGOB131 (more on this in a minute) were able to lose weight without changes to diet or exercise.  While that study was published, the real interest in African Mango and IGOB131 came from Dr. Oz.

What Did Dr Oz Say About African Mango?

Doctor Oz referred to African Mango as the miracle in your medicine cabinet.  On the show, he talked about how African Mango could be used to help you lose 10 pounds.  The only problem, is not all African Mango is the same.

All the clinical studies done African Mango supplements have used IGOB131 – a patented African Mango Seed extract.  For this reason, consumers should look for African Mango supplements that are made with 100% Pure IGOB131.  Here is an African Mango supplement that just contains pure IGOB131 –

Perfect African Mango

You can do your own research, but it looks like the Perfect African Mango is an excellent way to try out African Mango for weight loss.


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