How to Eat Liver and Lose Weight

You will probably not believe this, but the secret to weight loss is to eat more beef liver!  That’s right, beef liver is a superfood – packed with nutrients that can help your body burn calories.

Desiccated Beef Liver is our favorite way to consumer beef liver, simply because we don’t love the taste.   Just take a few beef liver tablets and watch the powerful benefits for your health.

Let’s look now at a supplement that can also help with weight loss – Green Coffee Bean.  Here is what we found in our research…

Fat loss supplements are very popular and there are many different brands- which one is the best? Most of the time, natural weight loss supplements are safer and more effective than synthetic products. Have you heard of Green Coffee Bean Extract? Green Coffee Extract is the perfect product for people who want to lose weight naturally. Like most weight loss products, Green Coffee Bean has both pros and cons. Keep reading to learn all of the health benefits and side effects of Green Coffee Bean.

Green Coffee is an all natural fat loss pill being composed of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid restricts the amount of glucose released into the body after meals and exercise. When this happens, your body burns fat for energy, resulting in natural weight loss. Green Coffee Extract is also proven to help boost metabolic rate. Green Coffee has been celebrated by naturopaths and doctors such as Mehmet Oz. With real life success stories posted everywhere, it seems like Green Coffee is the best choice.

Nevertheless not won over? Green Coffee Bean is scientifically demonstrated to allow you shed pound. In a published clinical study, human subjects lost an average of 17 pounds in 22 weeks. The same study showed that the clients experienced increased metabolism. Don’t believe me? Read the studies yourself on pubmed. gov. Green Coffee works because it contains only a pure and proven ingredient. Green Coffee can be great, but it can be dangerous as well. Keep reading to learn more.

Maybe even nutritional supplement having natural ingredients can be dangerous when made or taken the wrong way. Some Green Coffee Bean users report mild feelings of anxiety. Usually, this side effect means that the user has either taken too much or taken a product containing chemical stimulants. Other users have reported mild stomach upset. These side effects are mild and usually diminish as the body becomes adjusted to the supplement. Serious side effects can be avoided by purchasing a quality product from a reputable company. In order to find the best Green Coffee supplement, read the guidelines in the next section.

Green Coffee health supplement really should consist of 100 % Pure Green Coffee Extract. The extract should always be standardized to at least 50 % chlorogenic acid. Green Coffee products should be all natural and created without synthetic ingredients. To avoid jitters, choose a Green Coffee supplement containing 2-3 % caffeine by weight. Never ever buy products that contain fillers and flow agents. Those ingredients simply waste your money. And remember- when attempting to buy the best Green Coffee, simply read the labels!

Congratulations, you made it to the end. We presume that was actually not too uninteresting and you truly got some valuable information. There is no question, pure green coffee bean is a very hot supplement. Kindly leave an opinion below if you have any queries. Thanks for perusing and have fun with your day!

The Solution to Awful Offal

Do you think offal is awful? Does the very thought of consuming liver on daily basis terrify you to your core? You probably already know that grass-fed beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, but did you know that you can get all of those very nutrients in a convenient capsule without having to actually taste the liver? Desiccated liver supplements are a perfect alternative for anyone who wishes to provide themselves with the health benefits of liver without cooking and consuming the dish on a regular basis.


With a special process that does not use high heat or chemicals, grass-fed beef liver can be desiccated into powder form and then placed into capsules. This supplement provides all of the same nutrients you would receive by consuming fresh raw liver. Liver, both fresh and in capsule form, is packed with naturally occurring iron, vitamin A, and amino acids. Desiccated liver supplements work to improve the overall health of anyone who takes them, but they are especially helpful for anyone experiencing a deficiency in one of the previously listed nutrients.


Not all liver supplements are created equal. It is important to choose a desiccated liver supplement that is made with liver from healthy, happy, grass-fed cows. Never take a desiccated liver supplement unless you can verify that the cows were grass-fed, antibiotic free, hormone free, and that they did come into contact with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is also important to choose a desiccated liver supplement that is processed minimally to ensure that all of the nutrients stay in tact.

Take a look at this video which explains how to read the label on Desiccated Liver supplements –

There you have it- if you want to get all of the nutrients of fresh, raw, grass-fed liver without eating liver, desiccated liver supplements are perfect for you!